Embarrassing but True

The first time I wrote a book (most of one anyway), someone in my review group wrote, "...these problems are easy to fix in the second draft". I stared at those words, stunned. Second draft? But it's perfect now, I thought. Ah, silly naive writer...

As others of my group hacked it to shreds, it became increasingly clear that a revision was necessary. Grumbling about having to do the thing over again, I started the revision.

Well, that was four drafts ago and I'm still revising. Ha! I've learned a lot, and the pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel has become bigger. I just hope it's not a train...

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-- Melora


Thanks for the blog post Melora! Best of luck!


Editing is evil. I have two novels that are in their...third draft each. Neither of them resembles the original at all. At least the way they start.

At least I had review groups to help me make it better :-D


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