Too many balls?

     Too many balls?
     Sometimes, when you're juggling, you can have too many balls in the air at once. (What did you think I meant?)
     If you're working on several projects at once, it can get hectic. One misstep and things can come crashing down: missed appointments, overlooked deadlines, rushed work, etc.
     There are two things to remember.
     1. Whatever it is, it's not the end of the world. Cut yourself some slack. Take a breather. Say "No" once in a while and refuse to feel guilty.
     2. Prioritize. Keep your long-range goals in mind. If something requires more time than it's worth, bow out gracefully. Life is too short.
     In the times we live in, expectations are high and it's easy to overextend. The word is "multi-tasking", and it's not always good thing. More balls in the air doesn't necessarily mean a bigger paycheck or more recognition. Don't be afraid to let one go once in a while. Chances are, there will be more bouncing your way soon.
-- Ben


Good advice!

Remind me of it next time I agree to something. Anything! I'm always terrified of missing out on something if I say no, but sometimes you just have to. You'd think I would have learned that by my advanced age.


I so knew you couldn't resist the obvious pun ^_^

This is fantastic advice. It's something so many people forget - even if it feels like the end of the world when you miss that deadline, life will go on and you'll find a way to fix it.

It's possible I believe this too much, but I still think it's great advice. Now I just need to work on that 'saying no' thing.


Your advice is excellent. I'd add that you should have your critique group proof your queries and synopses just as you do for your manuscripts. These are what often get your foot into the door.


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