Love Scene Contest at Gabriela's blog!

Gabriela at An Aspiring Writer's World blog has enlisted the help of fab-agent Weronika Janczuk (of Lynne C. Franklin Agency) to read our love scene samples, decide on winners, and give great prizes! The participants will enter love-scene snippets on June 12. If you want to join the contest, go here for details and enter:

-- Melora


How the heck was she supposed to concentrate on the stupid windsurfing lesson now?

Fun :D


Oh this is great! A fun love just starting. Love those!!


I love this one because it's one of the entries I can totally understand what's going on right away. Very well written!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!


I like the flow, but one question, is this the first paragraph? I thought we had to use the first paragraph. Great job though.


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